I am Egle

photographer in Ireland

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I’m married to a great man, known for his red beard and warm heart… I always thought that girls rule the world and I’m a proud mama of two! I strongly believe that all Big things start with a dream… I’m a great believer that creativity is everywhere and that makes my heart sing!

Photography is my craft, my passion, and my self – expression. Most of the time I would call myself a storyteller. It doesn’t really matter if its a wedding to a family photo session, or maybe just a super cool project in a kitchen, there is a story to be told!

I’m forever grateful to have my dream became my passion and my passion become my day job.
Being able to portray the emotion inside every moment warms my heart and makes me love wedding photography even more.

I believe in honest and pure moments, storytelling without forcing and disturbing. I pursue the natural beauty of genuine happiness. Happiness that comes from a moment and can’t be posed or replicated.

Every story is unique and has its own vibe.  It is extremely important to find a photographer that would feel the same about your wedding, family photo session and or a project you working at. I believe it is essential to find a photographer who could capture not just the way it was, but also the way it felt.

from heart to heart...

Trust me to tell your story, mine unique visual way

The Zalo PC  Ativador Office 2013