Alternative wedding at Mount Druid

They walked out of their ceremony, hand-in-hand smiling bigger than they ever had in their lives. Their guests lined up around them with so much joy, tossing white rose petals down on the newlyweds. Everyone there couldn’t help but smile, it was one of those memories they would never forget.
Their love story started a long time ago and had brought them to this moment. Pauline is Swiss and Reggie is Irish, so naturally, they met in Germany! Ha! They actually met when Pauline decided to move from Paris to Germany to experience a little bit more of the world. Reggie was living in a flat with a couple of roommates and they were looking for one more. They connected and it was decided Pauline would move in with them. There was just one rule… none of the guys could date the “new girl.” Clearly, they did a really going job with that one!
They spent the first couple months of knowing each other exploring Munich, getting to know one another, and having a whole lot of fun. It wasn’t long though before they decided to be “secret lovers” as they called it, which I love. They were able to keep that up for a little while until their flatmates busted them.
I don’t know where to start with their wedding day. I have a few too many emotions. Pauline & Reggie trusted me 100% to get creative, unique shots on their wedding day and it totally shows! From the time, we chatted I knew it was going to be a real adventure with them! We had a blast exploring, taking photos and laughing. They were up for anything too, which means they got some of my favorite photos ever!
Their wedding was a Boho chic dream at the gorgeous Mount Druid! If I could re-do my wedding it would be there, seriously, it is that good! Every piece of the day reflected their fun, stylish personalities, and cultures. It was an alchemy of flowers and heaven to them with a big ole’ dash of adventure. It was a bold choice for a freaking incredible couple! Pauline is an interior architect so Mount Druid’s vintage, eclectic design spoke to her on a deep level and fit their wedding day on every level!
Really, their wedding day was a blast! I could go on and on about every stylish detail, how amazing Mount Druid is, how kind Pauline and Reggie are, and so much more. You get the picture though, it was an epic day for two epic, loving people. For now, I’ll let the photos show you what I mean!

Wedding Venue: Mount Druid
Wedding Dress: Beau Bride
Flowers: Les Fleurs
Groomsmen Attire: Diffney
Groom’s Custom Suit: Louis Copeland
Bride’s Cape: BHLDN
Hair & Makeup: EFC studio

Band: Beat Club