Bellinter House Wedding 1

Bellinter House Wedding

Dublin Wedding Photographer

There's nothing better than returning to the same family for another special Day.

I had a great pleasure capturing the beautiful memories on Fiona’s Brothers Big Day. When Fiona contacted me, I had no fear as I knew it would be another amazing and cosy day. Fiona absolutely radiates kindness and warmth and it was so easy to see that in every photo. Her and Aidan are such a perfect match that love was in the air the entire day. From morning till night I felt more like a guest or a friend rather than the photographer as the wedding was so relaxed and comfortable.

I have seen many venues but Bellinter House is something else. It is so different and has a million quirky aspects. It absolutely took my breath away. It’s the perfect place for modern couples that are looking a luxurious unique venue.

Bohemian Wedding - Ballinacurra House 2

Bohemian Wedding - Ballinacurra House

Cork Wedding Photographer

When Noami texted me saying her and Ben’s photos were featured in UK’s most popular wedding magazine, it’s safe to say I was over the moon. Could there be anything more exciting Than to be featured in a UK bride magazine?

Both Naomi and Ben are living in England and planned their Destination Wedding at a luxury wedding venue. Almost every prop was DIY with a touch of Naomi and Ben in every detail. Naomi’s experience in the fashion industry certainly helped out in the making of her dream wedding, from having 3 separate gowns for the different events of the day to DIY deco and a Michelin star dinner. It was clear to see that she and Ben had visualised the perfect wedding venue, and they found it Ballinacurra House.

The vibe at the wedding was electric! Every one of the guests felt so at home and comfortable. Any sign of stress was out of sight. I noticed that if I gain the full trust of the couple I’m working with, it makes my job much easier. I never had a chance to meet up in person with Naomi and Ben, but over a couple of Skype sessions, I understood what was most important for them at their wedding. I realised that they really trusted me, and that helped me out a lot. It’s most important to capture how the wedding feels, not how it looks, and with Naomi and Ben, it couldn’t have been easier.

Springfort Hall Country House wedding 3

Springfort Hall Country House wedding

Alice & Nathan fine art inspired wedding

So this was hands down the most romantic wedding kiss I’ve ever seen. Let's start from the beginning, when Nathan and Alice met in their church. Nathan was a little on the shy side but love swept them both off their feet in no time. For the proposal Nathan had booked them a holiday to Barcelona. He had organised a personal graffiti asking Alice to marry him but it had been taken down before they got there. Alice knew nothing about the proposal at this point! However Nathan proposed in Barcelona, on the roof of a secluded courtyard in The Gothic area of this beautiful, beautiful city. Even the engagement rings were one of a kind, just like the couple. I could tell the pair were creative, unique and quirky people from our first meeting.

Their personalities oozed in every detail of the wedding especially the deco. The outstanding table pieces were inspired by Alice’s favourite artist, Yan Weenix, a painter who’s focal point was hunted animals. He also included beautiful flowers and gold detailing in his paintings which was all depicted in the final decorations of the venue. The wedding took place in Springfort Hall, Country House, Mallow. It’s a fantastic Cork wedding venue. The wedding day was full of surprises, from Nathan Gifting Alice with a stunning Opal necklace to her returning the favour with a cake. I was blown away by the genuine happiness, the whole hearted emotion and the outstanding deco. From the moment we met for the first cup of coffee, I felt a very special bond with the couple. Alice and Nathan wanted their wedding to be captured in a very relaxed way. As a documentary photographer I knew we, were going to get along perfectly. Let me introduce you to the most creative couple I’ve, ever met, a couple that wasn’t afraid to live out their dreams, and in result create a unique wedding. I could talk about this wedding forever, but I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Longueville House Wedding 4

Longueville House Wedding

Cork Wedding Photographer

Emma & Gearoid Tied the knot at one of my favourite Cork venues. Longueville House is a truly bespoke venue . Every time I photograph a wedding there I’m finding so many new hidden  features! I simply love it!

When Emma & Gearoid contacted me and told that they chose this boutique house I was over the moon! It was so exciting to know that all the place was decorated by super talented Cork florist Jill Wild. When you have a combination of super cool couple, gorgeous venue and crazy talented florist, you kind of know that the day will be spectacular and it definitely was for Emma & Gearoid…

I always say, that it is much easier to document a wedding of you have a full trust from your couple.  It just makes everything so easy and relaxed… Pre wedding photo session that we had with the guys couple of months before the wedding, definitely helped to be so relaxed in front of the camera. You can see this pre wedding session slideshow here: I was blessed to be a part of this beautiful and emotional wedding.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful wedding story

Mallorca Wedding Photography 7

Mallorca Wedding Photography

fotógrafo de bodas en mallorca

This romantic spring elopement took place in Balearic beauty Mallorca. Melissa & David chose a three hundred year old rustic Finca for their wedding ceremony and reception. Their sun Denis was with them and it made this day even more special. Melissa never wanted a big wedding , she always dreamt to elope somewhere, where she and David could tie the know at a very cosy and private ceremony and  her family could have some time together with no stress or fuss.

How excited I was when I was asked to document their Big Day at such truly magical place surrounded by Tramuntana mountains and lush Mediterranean gardens. I couldn't be happier to visit this sun kissed little heaven where love and beauty collides...

This wedding is a great example on how cool wedding elopement could be.

After shooting in Mallorca I came up with a recipe for a great elopement is this: 2 loving hearts, a bunch of closest family members and friends, a pair of Jimmy Choo, sun, see, artisan food and loads of happiness!

If you think you'd  like to try this super cool Destination Wedding recipe and would love such adventurous experience, I would be more than happy to accompany you and document your once-in-a-lifetime adventure anywhere in the world! Whether you plan a destination wedding in sunny Spain or Italy, romantic get away in France or breathtaking elopement in Iceland, I would gladly pack my suitcase and follow you to capture those priceless moments and tell your love story at your secret happy place.

Credits: wedding planing and styling  petal and twine

Killarney Secret Proposal 9

Killarney Secret Proposal

"Hi, My name is Denis and I am planning to fly to Ireland from Los Angeles for a surprise proposal to my girlfriend, Kristen, in Ireland in the upcoming few weeks.

really liked your work and would love to talk to you about capturing the moment if you’re available and in the area!

Kristen is half Irish and will be on a trip with her mother exploring Ireland together for the first time. They will be in Tralee  and am planning to surprise her during the day and am still trying to figure out a location.If you’re available, maybe you have ideas :)"

Right, when you receive this kind of email you think WOW! Now that is so romantic! Secret proposal in Ireland! (why wasn't my hubby that creative:))) ?!

So, shortly after we set a Skype chat with Denis to discuss all the secret proposal ideas. He already have researched some beautiful locations but his decision was made towards Killarney National Park.  No surprise as it is so beautiful and picturesque! Loaded with blooming flora, Killarney park has a sense of being like a magic fairy tale. You'd easily find yourself peaking under rocks and checking for fairy doors to see if there really is any little creatures.

We narrowed the choice down even further , because the location had to be easy to find as Denis directed Kristen's mum over the phone! Not to mention that it needed to seem as a regular expedition, so Denis had to find a place relatively touristy. Obviously Kristen had no idea that Denis is flying after her to Ireland, so it was a HUGE surprise for her.He was nervous... He was really nervous! Having this amazing ring in his pocket and worrying if she will say YES!

So we picked up the most beautiful spot under the blooming Sakuras. I know right!!

So we waited... and waited... till Denis got a message that they are in the park. Time had stopped, it really did, and from afar we saw them walking... Oh my! It was intense and in the same time so romantic...

I was hidden in the bushes :) , so Kristen couldn't see me at all. That moment when their sight first met was truly magical. You could read the confusion and happiness in the same time. You could notice tears in their eyes and those were tears of happiness...

Moments like this, deserve to be preserved for years to come. Im thrilled that Denis thought about it and asked me to capture this very special moment of their Irish adventure. They will cherish these memories for years to come and the images will help them walk down the memory lane ...

Sure, an image can speak a thousand words. .. Enjoy!

The Tale of Two Grooms 10

The Tale of Two Grooms

Ashley Park House Limerick Engagement Photography

This is the story of Alan and Jan. The two met during the summer of Jan working at a Sandwich Shop, which happened to be the local Sandwich Shop near Alan's work. The story diverges out to two versions at this point. Jan swears that Alan made the first move by giving his number on a piece of receipt.

However, Alan firmly disagrees and says that it was, in fact, Jan who wrote his number on that receipt. Neither of them shows signs of concession. So, for now, that part will vary depending on which groom you are talking to. From then on, the grooms have had one eventful and exciting life together. As they say, "never a dull moment in the life". After four years of being together, the two have decided to show their love to all their loved ones and tie the knot.

This is only the beginning of the story of Alan and Jan. I’m very happy to at last share the pre-wedding photo session of Alan and Jan. We had decided to explore their chosen wedding venue and take photos there. Ashley Park House is an absolutely beautiful boutique wedding venue in Co.Tipperary. So that's enough for the talking, scroll down and enjoy the pictures!