Romantic Parisian Adventure/ anniversary photo session


   From Paris with love!

  Parisian adventure/ romantic anniversary photoshoot


If you love adventure and travel, this post might give you a great idea to something you'd like to consider for your own wedding anniversary!

Jacqueline & John loves to travel the world so they both decided to mark their first wedding anniversary and have a romantic photo session in Paris! When Jackie got in contact and asked me to come with them and capture some beautiful memories, I was super excited! What made this trip even more exciting, was that on the day of my arrival  France won the World Cup! It was a once in a lifetime experience and such a coincidence to be there on that day! Oh My! It was some celebration!

Paris is is the place where time is stopping even though the city pulsates in its own endless rhythm. Streets that are forever filled with curious tourists still defuses special lightness. You can easily get lost in the small lanes and beautiful squares. Anywhere you go, you can find a place that is so picturesque! Its an ideal city for city breaks, elopements and photo sessions.

Mornings in Paris are filled with a scent of croissants and fresh coffee. Somehow this big and busy city still feels so cosy and familiar... I love Paris and was very happy to photograph a destination session there.

We started our French adventure early in the morning, while the atmosphere at a hotel room was still full of romantic touches and intimacy. We went to explore this "city of love" and spent all day wandering around the most amazing museums, parks, coffee places. One of the most amazing was Cafe De Lapaix

In the evening when heat ( it was +35c) went down, Jacqueline changed her outfit and we went to see Eiffel tower sparkle at night! It lights up just as the sun is setting, and sparkles every hour for 5 minutes up to 1 am. This was the conclusion of our trip. We said our goodbyes to this magical city and left home with hope to come back there soon.

I'm sure  J&J enjoyed every moment of their Parisian adventure! So did I!


Killarney Secret Proposal

"Hi, My name is Denis and I am planning to fly to Ireland from Los Angeles for a surprise proposal to my girlfriend, Kristen, in Ireland in the upcoming few weeks.

really liked your work and would love to talk to you about capturing the moment if you’re available and in the area!

Kristen is half Irish and will be on a trip with her mother exploring Ireland together for the first time. They will be in Tralee  and am planning to surprise her during the day and am still trying to figure out a location.If you’re available, maybe you have ideas :)"

Right, when you receive this kind of email you think WOW! Now that is so romantic! Secret proposal in Ireland! (why wasn't my hubby that creative:))) ?!

So, shortly after we set a Skype chat with Denis to discuss all the secret proposal ideas. He already have researched some beautiful locations but his decision was made towards Killarney National Park.  No surprise as it is so beautiful and picturesque! Loaded with blooming flora, Killarney park has a sense of being like a magic fairy tale. You'd easily find yourself peaking under rocks and checking for fairy doors to see if there really is any little creatures.

We narrowed the choice down even further , because the location had to be easy to find as Denis directed Kristen's mum over the phone! Not to mention that it needed to seem as a regular expedition, so Denis had to find a place relatively touristy. Obviously Kristen had no idea that Denis is flying after her to Ireland, so it was a HUGE surprise for her.He was nervous... He was really nervous! Having this amazing ring in his pocket and worrying if she will say YES!

So we picked up the most beautiful spot under the blooming Sakuras. I know right!!

So we waited... and waited... till Denis got a message that they are in the park. Time had stopped, it really did, and from afar we saw them walking... Oh my! It was intense and in the same time so romantic...

I was hidden in the bushes :) , so Kristen couldn't see me at all. That moment when their sight first met was truly magical. You could read the confusion and happiness in the same time. You could notice tears in their eyes and those were tears of happiness...

Moments like this, deserve to be preserved for years to come. Im thrilled that Denis thought about it and asked me to capture this very special moment of their Irish adventure. They will cherish these memories for years to come and the images will help them walk down the memory lane ...

Sure, an image can speak a thousand words. .. Enjoy!

The Tale of Two Grooms

Ashley Park House Limerick Engagement Photography

This is the story of Alan and Jan. The two met during the summer of Jan working at a Sandwich Shop, which happened to be the local Sandwich Shop near Alan's work. The story diverges out to two versions at this point. Jan swears that Alan made the first move by giving his number on a piece of receipt.

However, Alan firmly disagrees and says that it was, in fact, Jan who wrote his number on that receipt. Neither of them shows signs of concession. So, for now, that part will vary depending on which groom you are talking to. From then on, the grooms have had one eventful and exciting life together. As they say, "never a dull moment in the life". After four years of being together, the two have decided to show their love to all their loved ones and tie the knot.

This is only the beginning of the story of Alan and Jan. I’m very happy to at last share the pre-wedding photo session of Alan and Jan. We had decided to explore their chosen wedding venue and take photos there. Ashley Park House is an absolutely beautiful boutique wedding venue in Co.Tipperary. So that's enough for the talking, scroll down and enjoy the pictures!

Ballymaloe Cookery School Engagement Session

Shaun & Trisha Love Story

Shaun and Trisha decided to have an engagement photo shoot before their wedding. It wasn't hard to pick perfect location , as they are living just a couple of miles away from Ballymaloe House, cookery school   . The minute we walked through the little wooden gate it was obvious that we made a perfect choice for shoot location as there are so many beautiful spots and hidden corners. We spent couple of hours chatting about exiting wedding plans and giggling of all the embarrassment being in front of a camera :)

I wont get tired to recommend such photo sessions to all couples, but must of all to those who need that little boost of confidence and some guidance in posing. All my couples who have booked pre wedding photoshoots would always say that it was truly fun experience, it gave them a great understanding on how  "not to pose" and helped them to relax during portrait sessions on their Big Day.

I'd love to invite you and have a walk together with Shaun & Trisha to a beautiful gardens at one of the most amazing places in Cork.



pre wedding photosession at Ballymaloe cookery school shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-2 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-3 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-4 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-5 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-6 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-7 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-8 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-9 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-10 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-11 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-12 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-13 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-14 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-15 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-16 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-17 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-18 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-19 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-20 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-21 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-22 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-23 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-24 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-25 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-26 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-27 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-28 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-29 shaun-and-trisha-pre-wedd-30

Irish engagement

Kate & Zac Destination Adventure

I will never stop repeating one phrase : " I have the most exiting profession in the world" ! I really mean it! Wedding photography led me to the most beautiful places. How exciting it is to meet so many different and awesome people, to hear their love stories and witness that spark in her eyes when he touches her hand...

Pre wedding photo session is a great way to learn about each other and to "tight the knot" with your photographer. The better your photographer knows you the easier is to tell your story in the most intimate way.  Nothing can beat such an amazing experience! It helps to create that bond and builds up the trust between couple and "camera lady" :)

I always recommend Pre wedding photoshoot to my couples, we always have  great fun!

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I am privileged to be surrounded by so much love and yes, sometimes they really glow!