“Dear Egle, I am completely blown away. The pictures you took of us are everything I’d hoped they would be and so, so much more. You captured our heart in these photographs, and you did it so honestly. It feels as if you reached into our soul and painted a picture of what you found there. They are beautiful. I feel like if I died tomorrow, that’s what my life was all about. You are an incredible talent with such an open heart and a beautiful, gentle way of telling people’s stories. I don’t know how to thank you. We’ll be booking you next year without a doubt and I’d love to come to Cork one day and catch up with you before then! You felt like an old friend as soon as you walked through the door of our apartment, placing our trust in you couldn’t have been easier. I knew you’d make magic for us, thank you so so much

It means the world to me to have a record that I was here too, with my son, holding him, kissing him, learning what life is with him…those first months of our complete family are so precious that  I will treasure them forever. Kids don’t keep, they just keep on growing and so do we as mothers and fathers. It’s also so special to have photographs of Audrius and me together, as we don’t get a chance to be in the same picture that often. We’ve been married for 1 year already; he is half of me, my best friend and I love that you’ve captured us in such a pure way…”

Thank you so much!                                                                                                                      Audrius, Lina, Oscar