Shaun & Trisha Love Story

Shaun and Trisha decided to have an engagement photo shoot before their wedding. It wasn’t hard to pick perfect location , as they are living just a couple of miles away from Ballymaloe House, cookery school   . The minute we walked through the little wooden gate it was obvious that we made a perfect choice for shoot location as there are so many beautiful spots and hidden corners. We spent couple of hours chatting about exiting wedding plans and giggling of all the embarrassment being in front of a camera 🙂

I wont get tired to recommend such photo sessions to all couples, but must of all to those who need that little boost of confidence and some guidance in posing. All my couples who have booked pre wedding photoshoots would always say that it was truly fun experience, it gave them a great understanding on how  “not to pose” and helped them to relax during portrait sessions on their Big Day.

I’d love to invite you and have a walk together with Shaun & Trisha to a beautiful gardens at one of the most amazing places in Cork.



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