Ashley Park House Limerick Engagement Photography

This is the story of Alan and Jan. The two met during the summer of Jan working at a Sandwich Shop, which happened to be the local Sandwich Shop near Alan’s work. The story diverges out to two versions at this point. Jan swears that Alan made the first move by giving his number on a piece of receipt.

However, Alan firmly disagrees and says that it was, in fact, Jan who wrote his number on that receipt. Neither of them shows signs of concession. So, for now, that part will vary depending on which groom you are talking to. From then on, the grooms have had one eventful and exciting life together. As they say, “never a dull moment in the life”. After four years of being together, the two have decided to show their love to all their loved ones and tie the knot.

This is only the beginning of the story of Alan and Jan. I’m very happy to at last share the pre-wedding photo session of Alan and Jan. We had decided to explore their chosen wedding venue and take photos there. Ashley Park House is an absolutely beautiful boutique wedding venue in Co.Tipperary. So that’s enough for the talking, scroll down and enjoy the pictures!