“Follow the sign” or “Story of the Red Balloon”

So, from where should I begin…?


Last year for me was full of achievements and adventures. One of these was the Way Up North conference in Stockholm. For those that haven’t heard, WUN is one of the biggest conferences for specifically wedding photographers. Basically, it’s a convention which has skilfully brought together about 400 talents from all over the world who have very different personalities but all share the same passion. Undoubtedly, this seminar has moved, in one way or another, every individual who has taken part.

This summit in Stockholm was the second which I’ve attended. To read about my experience in WUN’s Rome conference click Way Up North Rome 2016. I must admit the insight that I left with from Stockholm was very different to that from Rome.

Of course, I can chatter about this summit for hours on end, but this time I would like to unfold my own personal experience and truths which I have once again discovered. We all are seeking something and aiming to stand on the peak of the mountain, and as we do so, we inevitably come across some challenges.

Everything could be going great, but often jealousy sticks a blasphemous foot out when you see a colleague nearby climbing the very same mountain to whom things here and there are going much better. All of a sudden the ”Artist’s Ego” awakens and you suddenly long to be standing in the place of your colleague.

But are we really all that keen to step into their shoes? We don’t know how many times on their journey they’ve worn away their soles, or how many sacrifices they’ve had to make to be where they are now. Are we really in the position to makes such sacrifices ourselves? Most of the time what we see on social media is only half the story. Nobody talks about their failures and unsuccesses. We only see the clean side of the coin.

Yet it is so important to not give into that envy which makes even the strongest of us doubt our strength and prevents us from believing in ourselves. Everything is actually very simple. We must understand that everyone travels their own path, from which they obtain their individual experiences. I think that this is exactly what makes us unique. Don’t rush… everything will happen. Orient yourself around the current moment, not tomorrow. The hustle and bustle of life distract us from seeing who we are now, and from celebrating and current achievements. Your path will never be the same as another, your path is distinctive from the rest. Appreciate that.

Like many of the people that had gathered at WUN, I made an attempt to find myself. Did I? The journey of self-development and growth never ends and that’s what makes it so exclusive to everyone. This biggest lesson that I learned is that I must finally start appreciating my own journey and not chase a place in strangers’ shoes. I finally understood that I am where I deserve to be at this moment and that anything is possible. I finally started appreciating my worth and began to be more forgiving towards myself. But alas, I was and always will be a perfectionist, but finally, I understand that happiness is not a destination, but a journey. ..

Probably you will see some familiar faces, but I’d love to mention a couple of names…  Thank you, Rafal and Tomasz for being great companions on this trip. Thank you, Adam & Marzena for being amazing models and spending so much of your pressures time with 3 crazy shooters from Ireland :))) I miss you guys!

But the biggest THANKS goes to Wun founders and team for organizing such amazing event and connecting so many creatives from all over the world. You definitely made this world some good bit better!