I am quite honestly a bit lost for words here. Egle of White Cat Studio is THE Wedding Photographer you would ever want. From the very beginning, it was clear that hiring her for our wedding was going to be one of the best decisions we would make and we were right. If I just go with my emotions, it would take forever. So here are the logical facts of why Egle is simply the best.

Photography Quality: 5 stars – Everyone is green with envy over our wedding pics!

Personal Rapport: 5 Stars – Egle felt like a BFF!

Professionalism: 5 Stars – Egle was prompt, accommodative when necessary, and all around rockstar photographer.

Price: 5 Stars – Spring for Her Prime Package. It is Soooo Worth it!

Products: (Not ordered yet, but I’m sure it will also be A+ Fantastic!)

Pizzaz: All of Our Guests, Venue, and Random People Love Love Love the Photos! We have been truly blessed with Egle of White Cat Studio

So there you go. If you are reading this testimonial, there is no reason for you to twiddle your thumbs any longer. Book White Cat Studio for an unforgettable Wedding Day.


Alan and Jan

Hi Egle

WOW!!!! I’m soooo happy with my pics, all five hundred and thirty three of them, I LOVE THEM!!! It was so lovely looking at them all, you captured every moment and brought us back to the cloud we were floating on on the day. We keep wishing we could be back there and experiencing the great time we had again and your photos have helped relive it.

Yvone & Erick

Hi Egle

Apologies for the delay in reply. I spent most of the day yesterday looking at my photographs. Thank you so much. You captured exactly what I wanted. I just love them. The aim was for people to be able to look at the photographs and understand the mood and emotion of the day and that is exactly what is happening. Someone said that they could hear the people laughing through the photographs. You captured people’s emotions beautifully. It felt like you knew us all personally because the images of our family are so real. There are facial expressions and poses that we all know so well but have never seen reflected in a photograph before. They are moments you have trapped that we will have forever. With out meaning to sound morbid, but you have saved very precious memories of our family that we will treasure long after the people are no longer here. Very special memories that our children will cherish.

We don’t really like a lot of attention and would never have wanted staged pictures that just didn’t look like us. But you got so many personal, loving moments between us. When I look at the photos I remember exactly how I felt at that moment. Something I love is that in the canal photos we are nearly an incidental finding in a landscape. You didn’t just capture a day in our lives but a day in the life of Dublin and the Grand Canal, which is very special to us. We are going to print all the images of Dublin land marks and have them in our kitchen. In fact there are so many we want printed i don’t know how to choose.

I said before that you had the ability to make ordinary women look like beautiful brides and you can do so much more then that. We all look beautiful, especially my babies : ). My family are so happy with the images. There were so many images that we thought when did she take that, I don’t remember Egle being there for that.

You truly tell a story with your art and I now have a beautiful chronicle of my family. The only thing missing is a picture of you, as you played such an important part in our day and we all loved having you there. You are such a lovely person. I wish you could be my official family photographer. I think we may have to plan some trips to Cork as the children get older, just to add to our story.

I can not thank you enough for allowing me to experience that amazing moment in my life anytime I want.

Many thanks

Lorraine, Karl, Sophia and Finn and all the O’Reilly/Quinn family

Wow, just wow!  I absolutely adore every last detail of every photo you sent me.  You really captured the day so perfectly.  Flicking through all the photos, I was overwhelmed with the sense of joy and love that each shot captured.  Conor and I spent hours just laughing and talking about the day as we went through the photos.  It was some craic telling each other stories of the morning preparations (Yes, he really can iron, why do you think I married him?! lol!).  I can’t believe you thought of taking a photo of our text messages, that was just genius, loved it!
To be honest, it is impossible to tell you how delighted we are with the photos without a massive hug to show you how much they mean to us!  Our families wouldn’t be the type to whip out cameras at every opportunity so to have truly natural photos of our parents, aunties, uncles and cousins is so special.  You captured the joy of the day so beautifully.  It was so lovely to see our friends and family with relaxed, happy, natural expressions, that connected with you and the camera and showed who they really are, rather than “smile for the camera” poses.
After the wedding, every single guest wanted to know who you were and where we found you!  They were blown away by your fun, energy and total charm.  You made the day so effortless for us and the memories we now get to keep in your photos are just so special.
Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work.  I really can’t put in words how happy we are with the photos and we really loved having you with us on our special day.
I know I’ll be in touch again to get some more photos done in the future to mark special occasions or perhaps in a few years, to document some new arrival to our family!
Thank you so much again,
Warmest regards,
Maria & Conor
Egle, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did on Saturday for our wedding. Your kindness and professionalism far surpassed our expectations, and everyone commented on your manner on the day. If anyone is reading this, and wondering if they should hire white cat studio for their wedding, don’t hesitate, Egle is just amazing!!!
Laura & Ian
Just reading all the reviews & it can seem that they are all saying the same thing but it is ALL true! Egle is an excellent photographer & on top of that, she is so lovely to be around. She brings a smile to every face & manages to mix true professionalism, a genuine love for what she does and downright fun, this meant she was the best photographer to have on the day. All the guests were asking about her days after the wedding! She was a pleasure to work with & we would choose her again in a heartbeat.
Olivia & Aaron
I could not recommend Egle of White Cat Studio enough. She was so enthusiastic and easy to deal with on our wedding day. She is so passionate about what she does and the finished product really shows her talent and professionalism. She totally captured the special feeling of the day and we relive the day every time we look through our photos. 5 star person and photographer.
Aisling & Dave

Hi Egle,

I just wanted to send you a small email to say thank you for the wonderful job you did for us on the albums. We’re delighted with them!
My Mum has been visiting all of my aunts and uncles showing off her album. All of them are saying how nice you were on our big day, one of my uncles is an amateur photographer and loves your work.
You know that Donna is very pleased with you and all you have done for us so I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your work too. Donna doesn’t normally like photos but you really brought her out of her shell and were able to show everyone else the Donna that I see all the time!

We will have to make up occasions or celebrations to meet up! I’ll be forty in a year or two so I might give you a call for that!! ;-))

Thank you again and all the best in the future!!!
Donna & Ger

Hi Egle

We just want to drop a note to say a huge thank you.

From the first day I saw your pictures at a Wedding fair I knew you would be our photographer, exactly the style we were looking for. The first day we met you was like having a coffee with a friend not just a wedding supplier, you were fun and relaxing exactly what we wanted our wedding day to be. Was great dealing with you on the build-up and you took everything into consideration that we wanted. From the moment you arrived on the day it was a pleasure, you made it all so fun & enjoyable, you blended in so well during the ceremony, I didn’t see you yet you captured every moment of it, which was fantastic to see in the pictures afterwards. The bridal party had great fun getting the photos taken, as did we. We still got to mingle with guests and have moments alone together. We were delighted to have our photos back so soon, (weeks later I’m excited looking at them) and the way you presented the USB key was gorgeous, a real keepsake. All our guests complimented you on the day and even more once they seen the finished photos. Only problem we will have now is choosing photos for the album as every photo is fabulous.

James & Lindsey

Hi Egle,

We just wanted to say a big BIG thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our amazing photos, they are so beautiful, every single one – You are a photography wizard 🙂

You were able to capture every moment and the amazing fun we had throughout the day. Looking at our photos brought us both right back to our wedding day and we have some fantastic memories to look back on, you captured the day so perfectly, each image tells a story and we were transported right back to those moments with each picture.

You were able to make the day so effortless and fun – we absolutely love your style, your creativity and your eye for the details, you made everyone feel so comfortable around you and your energy is contagious!

Anybody looking for a wedding or special occasion photographer need look no further, we would choose Egle over and over again every time, her professionalism and love for what she does helped make our day what it was and now we have amazing photos to look back on for the rest of our lives together.

Thank you again White Cat Studio, and we can’t wait for our next special occasion when we have an excuse to bring you along to capture more moments for us! 🙂

AnneMarie & Timmy xxxx

Egle thanks again for being a fabulous personality and capturing our special day exactly how we asked and giving us gorgeous photos that we will forever have. You will be highly recommended & the first person we will call for our next special moment.

Best wishes
James & Sarah

Hi Egle!!

We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful pictures!!! Looking through them brought back the memories of our wedding so vividly!! And yes, I cried again!! ? You really captured the vibe of the day! I was especially happy to see pictures of Seamus, our seagulls and cat! The album wouldn’t have been complete without them! ? ♡ Thank you for taking such a fun and laid back approach to photographing our day! It is exactly what we were hoping for! I couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures turned out! We’ve already gotten such a great response to the album from family and friends! Thank you again!!

Best wishes!
Jodi and Jim

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